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Officials confirm gang-related fights at Clinton Correctional Facility

Sun, September 27, 2015 12:17 PM | NYGIA (Administrator)

Just over a week ago, Duprey said corrections officers had to break up one of the largest fights, involving over 60 inmates, with tear gas.

"The corrections officers took the appropriate action to stop the fight before anybody was seriously hurt," Duprey said.

The assemblywoman said the fights aren't just happening at Clinton Correctional Facility; they're happening at prisons all across New York state.

"Maximum security facilities are very difficult places. There are bad people in there as inmates. They have committed very serious crimes or they wouldn't be there," Duprey said.

When fights do break out, it's the corrections officers who are responsible for ending them.

"My concern as somebody who represents all of [the corrections officers] is that when they intervene, and they have to... if we can't get this all under control the corrections officers will be hurt," Duprey said.

Which is why she said she's focused on confronting the problem to ensure the safety of those who work and live behind prison walls.

"My biggest priority is the safety and security of the people inside the walls. Certainly the corrections officers, the civilian staff, and the inmates. This is just not acceptable," Duprey said.

WPTZ reached out to the New York Department of Corrections to ask about the fights at Clinton Correctional facility, but it did not return our request for comment.

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